Class Use and Field Trips in College Forests

Faculty and students from OSU and other educational institutions are welcome to conduct class field trips in OSU College Forests. Here is a road map of McDonald-Dunn Forest; this map prints well in color on 11x17 paper.

Current Activities Update

Before going out on a field-trip in McDonald-Dunn Forest, please be sure to check for road closures and timber-hauling routes by accessing the Forestry Update Map on the Current Activities Page, which tells where management activities are currently taking place.

Keys to open all OSU College Forests gates

  1. Temporary keys are available to check out from:
    College Forests office in the forest at Peavy Arboretum
    FERM office on campus at Peavy Hall A204
  2. If you have a key to enter Peavy Hall, your key will open forest gates
  3. Instructions to open forest gates are at the following link:

Forest Gate Instructions

If you have questions, please contact the College Forests Director