McDonald Forest Trails

Woodland Trail is an easy 0.4 mile hiking loop that begins and ends just inside the Peavy Arboretum entrance. Discover the ecology of the forest community through interpretive signs. Hiking time is 1/2 hour.

Forest Discovery Trail includes a tree that was once used to cure malaria, a riparian zone, and trees used to build temples in China. The 1.4 mile loop hiking trail begins and ends in Peavy Arboretum. Brochures can be found at the trailhead or printed online here. and at the 500 road kiosk. Hiking time is 1 hour.

Section 36 Loop Trail begins and ends at the Forestry Club Cabin, where trail maps may be found. The first half of this 3 mile hiking trail climbs 580', the second half is downhill, joining the Powder House Trail. Hiking time is 2 hours.

Powder House Trail begins at a 1300' viewpoint at the end of the 530 Road. Highlights include views of Soap Creek Valley and a stroll along Cronemiller Lake. Most of the 2.5 mile hiking trail is downhill, ending at the Forestry Club Cabin at 550'. Hiking time is 1-1/2 hours.

Powder House Trail & Section 36 Loop combined loop is 3.5 miles, hiking time is 2-1/2 hours. Brochures are available at the Cabin and along the trail.

Intensive Management Trail is an easy 1.4 mile loop for hikers year-round and mountain bicyclists seasonally. Signs along this interpretive trail explain how intensive management practices contribute to the harvest value of trees. Brochures are available at the trailhead in Peavy Arboretum.

Calloway Creek Trail is a 2.2 mile loop that highlights, through interpretive signs, the natural and cultural history of the area. It connects with the Intensive Management Trail and has a spur to Cronemiller Lake. The trail may be used by hikers year-round and mountain bicyclists during the dry season.

Old-growth Trail. Experience the quiet beauty of a Douglas-fir Old-growth forest. The trailhead of this 0.5 mile foot trail is 0.4 mile east of the Lewisburg Saddle off the 580 Road. Round trip hiking time is 1 hour from the Saddle.

Alpha Trail is a steep 0.5 mile trail connecting the 620 (upper) and 810 (lower) roads. The trail is open to all uses throughout the year.

Extendo is considered a technically difficult downhill trail by mountain bikers. The trail may only be used by equestrians and bikers seasonally. This 1.4 mile trail is a downhill run from the 680 road or an uphill route from the 6020 road.

Uproute Trail is a 0.3 mile multiple-use year-round trail connecting the 680 road to the end of the 6020 road. This trail connects with Extendo near the 680 road.

Homestead Trail begins at the Oak Creek Access parking lot. This easy 0.4 mile multiple-use year-round trail joins the 6021 and 600 roads in making a 1.9 mile loop back to the parking lot.

Lower Horse Trail travels 0.9 miles through a meadow featuring panoramic views, and connects the 610 and 612.4 roads. This trail is a multiple-use seasonal trail

Upper Horse Trail is a 0.6 mile multiple-use year-round trail and connecting the 610 and the 600 roads.

Dan's Trail climbs 3.0 miles from 700' at Chip Ross Park to 1478' at Dimple Hill. The trail is a multiple use, year round trail.. Lower Dan's crosses through an historic orchard. Upper Dan's climbs to the top of Dimple Hill for impressive views of Corvallis, the Coast Range, and the Cascade Range.

Sulphur Springs Trails are off Sulphur Springs Road in the Soap Creek Valley. A short foot trail takes you across the meadow to Soap Creek and the historic "Sulphur" Spring. An interpretive sign at the trailhead explains the history of the area. For a stream crossing, use the multiple-use bridge and trail east of the parking area. This trail runs alongside Baker Creek and meets up with the 800 road.