Phase 2 PLC Cleanup 2019 Harvest Information

Approximate Closure Duration:  4/17/2019-6/31/2019
Closed Roads: 300 (between 320 and 114), 340, 360, 420
Closed Trails: none
Haul Routes: 300 road
Size: 21.8 acres 
Prescription:  Clear-cut with structure retention 
Harvest Method:  Cable yarding / ground-based machinery 
Reason for Harvest:  Clean-up from the 2018 PLC In-Woods Live Show which offered demonstrations to foresters, students, and the community, including cable yarding and cut-to-length operations.  Revenue will be used to support student learning in the College of Forestry. 

Note: Phase 2 of this closure includes harvest operations in all three units as shown on the attached map.  

View a map of the closure area here.