Horse Buggy and Maple Syrup Harvest Information

Approximate Closure Duration:  August 2, 2019—October 2, 2019
Closed Roads: Portions of 610, 612.4
Closed Trails: 
Upper Horse, Middle Horse, Lower Horse, Dan’s Horse Connector Trails
Haul Routes: 
610-600-Lewisburg Saddle
Size: 14.8 acres (Horse Buggy), 31.1 acres (Maple Syrup)            
Prescription:  Clear cut with structure retention
Harvest Method:  Ground based machinery (Horse Buggy), cable yarding (Maple Syrup)
Reason for Harvest:  Replacing an under-producing stand, salvaging of dead and dying trees. Revenue generated will support Research Forests operations & student learning in the College of Forestry.

View a map of the closure area here.