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Spring 2016 Update from the Spring 2016 Newsletter

It has been a pretty quiet winter for forest management operations on the OSU Research Forests, but now spring has sprung! Twenty harvest units are planned for our 2016 harvest program, and 14 of them are located on the McDonald and Dunn Research Forests. The other six will take place on the Blodgett, Ram’s Dell, Oberteuffer, and Spaulding properties. Here are the highlights of operations we expect will most impact recreation:

Three of the 14 units scheduled for harvest in 2016 on the McDonald-Dunn Forests are located within the Oak Creek drainage. This means log trucks will be hauling their loads out the Oak Creek gate on the 600 Road. No authorized trails should be directly impacted by these harvests, but some of the popular forest roads will be affected. The 770 Road will be closed for the duration of the operation.

The Pine Raceway Thin and CFIRP (College of Forestry Integrated Research Project) Peavy 6, 7 Patch Cuts will be a longer inconvenience to visitors. The Section 36 Loop Trail will be closed for the duration of the Raceway Thin, a mature thinning located near the top of the Section 36 Loop Trail where the trail intersects with the 530 Road. A portion of the Section 36 Loop Trail will be closed for the CFIRP Peavy 6, 7 Patch Cuts. Hauling will occur out of the 500 and 520 gates, through Peavy Arboretum.  A meeting with forest neighbors in this area is currently being planned.

The Banzai Thin will take place along the Banzai Trail, beginning near the intersection between the trail and the 560 Road. The trail will be closed for the duration of the harvest, and will be converted into a road (future plans to re-route Banzai Trail are in the works). Portions of the 560 and 543 Roads will also be closed, and hauling will occur out of the 540 and 582 gates.

As part of a continuing effort to provide our visitors with as much accurate and timely information as possible, we have compiled a table on the next page describing the anticipated impacts on recreation for harvests set to occur on the McDonald-Dunn Forests. Another table provides quantitative information about all harvests planned for the OSU Research Forests. Timing for each project is uncertain due to      multiple factors, and as with any project, these harvests are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your safety is our priority, so thank you also for heeding posted signs and other information about trail and road closures as we enter the busy spring and summer seasons. Please keep an eye out for email updates and information about the timing of each harvest as it comes available.

As always, thank you for your patience as we  carry out one of the missions of the OSU Research Forests – revenue generation through timber harvest. This year the estimated net revenue after paying logging and hauling costs is $2,034,714. This money will then be used to cover administrative costs to run all aspects of the OSU Research Forests and will also support research and student learning in the College of Forestry.