FOREST UPDATE: 04/07/2023

Heads up, next week Peavy Arboretum may be a little crowded as Logging Sports teams from all over the west converge on OSU for the 83rd Annual Association of Western Forestry Clubs (AWFC) Conclave Regional Championship. 
The Oregon State University Forestry Club is hosting the Conclave. The logging sports competition will be held at the George W. Brown Logging Sports Arena in Peavy Arboretum from April 12-15. Events include axe throwing, pole climbing, buck saw events, birling (log roll on a floating log), and more! The students will also be competing in technical events such as wood identification and estimating lumber yield from timber stands.  
The public is invited; shuttles will be running hourly from the Life Community Church on Highway 99. To learn more visit: