Forest Updates

Information about forest closures is located at key access points, and closures are clearly marked on-site. Harvest areas are extremely dangerous for visitors and harvest crews, with hazards from falling trees and large equipment. Thank you for your respect of these safety closures! 

Interactive Web Map - Includes Harvest Closures & More

Previous Years' Harvest Info Sheets

Car Break-In

Updated on: 01/24/2020 - 11:07

Hi, folks. A car break-in was reported in Peavy Arboretum Wednesday, 1/22/2020. Benton County Sheriff's Office has been notified. Take care not to leave your valuables in sight when leaving your vehicle and reduce your chances of becoming a car prowl victim.

Review these tips from Benton County Sheriff's Office.

Cougar Sighting Near 580/584 Road Intersection

Monday afternoon, an OSU Research Forest student employee spotted a cougar near the 580/584 road junction (see map). Fortunately, no incident occurred. Please review the encounter tips in this Cougar Encounter Poster. If you spot a cougar contact ODFW at (541) 757-4186.

Spring Turkey Hunt Application Open

Updated on: 01/01/2020 - 10:27

Applications for the Spring Turkey Hunt are open today through January 31st! Visit our Hunt Information webpage for more info!


218A NE Alsea Controlled Elk Hunt Active Today through January 31st on the Dunn Forest

The 218A NE Alsea Controlled Elk Hunt is occurring on the Dunn Forest throughout the month of January.  This is a very small hunt, as only 11 people were granted permission through Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. These hunters were sent a permission letter in the mail, granting them access to the Dunn Forest for walk-in hunting.  Hunters may use a rifle or bow, and are hunting for antlerless elk (cows).  

You may or may not see hunters while you are out on the Dunn Forest over the next month.  Here are some tips from the USDA Forest Service on hunting safety for hunters and other recreators. 

Here is a map of the area where hunting is allowed, for your reference.

Road Work Continues on 500, 600 Road Systems and Dunn Forest

Updated on: 11/12/2019 - 15:04

Post-harvest road work has moved on to the 600 Road system and the 500 and 582 Roads on the McDonald Forest, and will be progressing onto the Dunn Forest roads this week.  Please expect to encounter large equipment on roads, including grader, roller, excavator, and rock trucks.

For your safety, please yield to road work machinery and follow operator instructions if offered. 

Harvest Operations Complete on McDonald and Dunn Forests (except for ongoing project)

With the exception of the ongoing Student Logging Training Program closure area, harvest operations are completed on the McDonald and Dunn Forests for 2019.  Road work associated with harvests is currently underway.  

View details of completed 2019 harvests on this webmap by clicking on the shape of the harvest area in question, then clicking on the arrow on the right end of the box.  Contact us if you have questions.  

Recent Car Break-Ins at Trailheads

Over the past several weeks, there have been four instances of shattered car-window glass found at trailheads (three times at Peavy Arboretum, and once at Lewisburg Saddle). Please take extra care not to leave valuables in sight when leaving your parked car.  If you see anything suspicious, please contact Benton County Sheriff's Office at  (541) 766-6858 or dial 911.