Forest Updates

Information about forest closures is located at key access points, and closures are clearly marked on-site. Harvest areas are extremely dangerous for visitors and harvest crews, with hazards from falling trees and large equipment. Thank you for your respect of these safety closures! 

Harvest Closures Map

Harvest Closure Starting at Dunn 300/400 Road Intersection

Student Logging Training Program Harvest Information
Approximate Closure Duration:  Ongoing (when closure signs are present)
Closed Roads: Portion of 400 Road (no through access between 300 and 400 Roads)
Closed Trails: None
Haul Routes: 300
Size: 17 acres
Prescription:  Thinning
Harvest Method:  Cable yarding
Reason for Harvest:  This harvest is designed to remove suppressed, poor growing, and storm damaged conifers.
Research/Demonstration Applications: This harvest serves as a living classroom for the OSU College of Forestry’s Student Logging Training Program, allowing students to gain hands-on training in practical logging skills. 
View a map of the closure area here.

Three Harvest Operations Complete - Horse Trail Area Open to Visitor Use

Several harvests have been completed, including Maple Syrup, Horse Buggy, and RIP Prosser.  Visitors are welcome to use the 600 Road System and Horse Trails, Please keep in mind that road work remains to be completed in these areas.  Also be aware that there is one patch of soft gravel remaining on Horse Trail.   

Deer/Elk Bow Hunt 8/24-9/22 on the Dunn Forest

The Deer/Elk Bow Hunt will be occurring on the Dunn Forest from 8/24-9/22.  Out of the 99 people who applied, 50 were randomly selected and received a letter in the mail allowing them to access the Dunn Forest for walk-in hunting.  Hunters may only use a bow to hunt buck deer or bull elk.  

You may or may not see hunters while you are out on the Dunn Forest over the next month.  Here are some tips from the USDA Forest Service on hunting safety for hunters and other visitors.   

Here is a map of the area where hunting is allowed, for your reference.

CLICK HERE to learn more about hunts offered on the Dunn Forest. 

Harvest Closure Starting on 760 Road Thursday, 8/22/2019

Updated on: 09/13/2019 - 14:23

Cody Clear Harvest Information

Approximate Closure Duration:  August 22, 2019—October 11, 2019
Closed Roads: 700, portion of 760, 761
Closed Trails: All unauthorized trails leading into closed roads and harvest area. None of these trails will be impacted by the harvest.
Haul Routes: 700 to Sulphur Springs, 720
Size: 24.5 acres
Prescription:  Clear-cut with structure retention
Harvest Method:  Cable yarding / ground-based machinery
Reason for Harvest:  The stand sustained heavy ice damage in 2015 and is in under-producing timber condition. Harvest revenue will support Research Forest operations and student learning in the College of Forestry.

View a map of the closure area here.

College of Forestry to Host Public Information Sessions, 8/28/19 & 10/2/19

Updated on: 09/13/2019 - 14:23

Oregon State University’s College of Forestry is hosting two information sessions for the public regarding OSU’s 10 Research Forests and the creation of new individual forest management plans to guide the future of those tracts. Please consider joining us and weighing in! Read more about it here.

COUGAR UPDATE: Dunn Forest Now Open to Visitor Use

Updated on: 09/04/2019 - 15:51

The Dunn Forest is now open to recreation use.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff and partners from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services this morning captured and killed a female cougar suspected to have been involved in an encounter with a someone running along trails in Oregon State University’s Dunn forest Saturday morning, Aug. 31.

Read the full news release from ODFW here, including details about the encounter and tips for visitors recreating in cougar country:

Click here for tips on what to do if you encounter a cougar:…/…/CougarSightingSignFinal2.pdf

Harvest Closure on Dave's Trail Lifted

Updated on: 08/22/2019 - 11:35

Slash from the 582 Cut-to-Length Harvest has been removed from Dave's Trail (section 4) and visitors are welcome to use the trail as well as the 582 Road.  


Recent Car Break-Ins at Trailheads

Over the past several weeks, there have been four instances of shattered car-window glass found at trailheads (three times at Peavy Arboretum, and once at Lewisburg Saddle). Please take extra care not to leave valuables in sight when leaving your parked car.  If you see anything suspicious, please contact Benton County Sheriff's Office at  (541) 766-6858 or dial 911.


West Fork Part II Harvest Information

Approximate Closure Duration:  August 5, 2019—October 5, 2019
Closed Roads: 100 road system (130, 150, 170), affecting access to most of the northern Dunn 
Closed Trails: 
Haul Routes:
100 gate
Size: 60.5 acres
Prescription:  Selection cutting
Harvest Method:  Ground-based machinery
Reason for Harvest:  This thinning will open up the over-story for light to reach a younger generation of trees. This project demonstrates multi-aged management of Douglas-for in west side coniferous forests.

View a map of the closure area here.

800, 850, AND 870 ROADS OPENING MONDAY, 8/5/2019

'No Vacancy' harvest activities expect to be completed by Monday, 8/5/2019, and visitors will be welcome to use the 800, 850, and 870 Roads on the McDonald Forest at that time.  Please be aware that slash piling and road work remain to be completed, though no closures are anticipated for these activities. 

672, 672.3, AND 770 ROADS OPEN FOR VISITOR USE, 8/2/2019

'Bermuda Triangle' and 'Decker Combined' harvest activities have been completed, and visitors are welcome to use the 672, 672.3, and 770 Roads on the McDonald Forest.  Please be aware that slash piling and road work remain to be completed, though no closures are anticipated for these activities. 

Road 547 and Trail Connector Opening Today, 7/24/2019

The Blake Homestead Harvest is now complete, and visitors are welcome to use the 547 Road near Adair Village.  The 547 Connector Trail is currently being cleared of slash, and is expected to be open by the end of the day.  Please keep in mind that road work within the harvest area is to be finished at a later date.  

600 Road and Sections of the 300 Road Open to Public Use 6/26/2019

Updated on: 07/03/2019 - 08:23

Harvest Operations will be complete for the RIP Prosser harvest area by tomorrow, meaning the 600 (Patterson) Road will be open for public use starting 6/26/2019.

Harvest Operations will be complete for the PLC Clean-up harvest areas on the Dunn Forest by tomorrow, meaning the 300 Road east of the 400 Road intersection will be open for public use starting 6/26/2019. 

Please be aware that road work for both areas remains to be completed and is scheduled for late fall.  

Dunn 300 Road Open for Visitor Use Starting Wednesday, 7/3/2019 

White Fir Flats harvest activities have been completed, and visitors are welcome to use the 300 and 395 Roads on the Dunn Forest.  Please be aware that slash piling and road work remain to be completed, though no closures are anticipated for these activities.  

Fire Season in Effect Starting Monday, 6/17/2019

Beginning Monday (6/17/2019) the State Forester with Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) has declared Fire Season in effect at Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) 1 and the start of Public Regulated Use.  Industrial Fire Precaution Levels regulate how operations are conducted on forest lands protected by ODF.  OSU Research Forests staff, researchers, and volunteers follow these regulations carefully to protect forest resources and neighboring properties. Public Regulated Use describes restrictions to public use of lands protected by ODF and all forest lands within one-eighth of a mile.  

In ADDITION to the restrictions described by ODF through Public Regulated Use, OSU Research Forests prohibits the following activities on all roads, trails, parking areas and lands, year-round:  

  • No smoking or vaping (even in parking areas or parked cars)
  • No campfires or party fires
  • No fireworks
  • No use of spark producing devices (such as chainsaws, mowers, weed eaters and vehicles)

If you see a fire while out on the forest, CALL 911!  We rely on our wonderful visitors to serve as eyes and ears to help us identify and address problems immediately.  

New High Horse Trail Open for Visitor Use

We are pleased to announce that the new "High Horse" Trail is open for public use.  This trail serves as a good detour for the current 600/Patterson Road Closure.  Please use this trail carefully, as it is brand new and vulnerable to damage from feet, bike tires and hooves, especially in wet conditions.  Please contact us with any feedback you might have on the trail design!  

A giant thanks to all of our volunteers, partners, and staff for the many hours of hard work that went into creating this awesome opportunity for the community. 

700 Road Open to Public Use

Harvest Operations are complete for the Crazy Quilt harvest area, meaning the 700 Road is now open for public use.  Please be aware that road work in this area remains to be completed and is scheduled for late fall. 

Closure Violations and Vandalism Lead to Unsafe Conditions

Over the past couple of weeks, several people have chosen to go through the clearly marked closures on the 600 (Patterson) Road while the logging crews were actively working.  People who enter this closure area travel directly through/around high visibility barriers and signs on barricades placed in the roadway. 

While you may not hear harvest activities from the closure location, this does NOT mean that harvest operations are not occurring.  For example, the saw could be turned off temporarily during cutting, or the closure could be located some distance from the harvest area. Logging crews often work on weekends, evenings, and early mornings!  

We have also been having lots of problems with people removing closure information, signs and markings, which has led other people unknowingly entering closure areas on several occasions.  We replace these materials as soon as we catch them, but please be aware that this could occur, and review the closures online before heading out on your visit. On-line materials are kept up-to-date.  

Logging has been identified as the job with the highest fatality rate in the US.  Logging crews have extensive communications and safety protocols in place to operate as safely as they can.  People passing through an active harvest site without the benefit of those protocols are putting themselves - AND the harvest crews - in extreme danger.  

Here are the hazards associated with harvest areas:

  • Trees falling, sometimes across roads and trails
  • Large machinery moving around and transporting logs
  • Compromised ability to communicate hazards due to loud noises and distance
  • Danger to harvest crews while trying to respond to unpredictable hazards associated with untrained people passing through the area 

This weekend, Benton County Sheriff's Department will be on-site to cite people going through the closures.  

We recognize that the vast majority of people receiving this e-mail are entirely respectful of the closures on the Forest.  THANK YOU!!!  We could really use your help in passing this message along within your communities to try to reach the very few folks who are violating these closures.

Why are closures 24/7, and why are they so big? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions  

Please let us know if you have questions or ideas, and thank you for your help