McDonald and Dunn Forests

The McDonald and Dunn Research Forests are located a short 15 minute drive north of the OSU campus. Because of their close proximity to campus, these Forests are extensively used for university instruction and research. Managers apply several silvicultural themes - even-aged, two-aged, and multi-aged (plus mature forest reserves) across the entire McDonald and Dunn Forests, depending on specific objectives for each area.  The Forest's recreation opportunities in close proximity to the Corvallis community result in over 155,000 non-motorized recreation visits each year. Peavy Arboretum serves as a gateway to the Forests and displays a diverse array of tree species.  The Research Forests Business Office is located at Peavy Arboretum.

Update: On Sept. 28, 2023, OSU and Starker Forests agreed to a land trade impacting the McDonald and Dunn Research Forests. Before this trade was complete, Starker Forests owned a Tetris block shaped tract in the middle of the McDonald Forest. After conversations spanning many years, OSU came to an agreement with Starker to incorporate this land into the McDonald Forest. In return for the Starker tract, OSU transferred the Spaulding Research Forest, as well as approximately 170 acres of the Dunn Forest to Starker ownership.

OSU is currently working through modeling for how best to incorporate and manage the now contiguous forest acreage. Part of this modeling includes determining which stands within the McDonald and Dunn Forests will be converted to managed reserves as part of the new Forest Management Plan.

McDonald Dunn Resources