Group Use

The OSU Research Forests is open to the public for access. Community groups are welcome to use the OSU Research Forests for their activities without a permit, as long as:

  • All members of the group follow the OSU Research Forests Guidelines in full
  • Group size and activity of choice does not interfere with other forest visitors’ ability to use and enjoy the site
  • The event is low profile and fits with the forested setting (meaning no catering services, generators, sound systems, delivery of porta-potties, etc.)

Community organizations or agencies must apply for a permit when planning an event which is not consistent with OSU Research Forests Guidelines (occurs at night, requires vehicle access onto the forest, etc.) or is large enough in scope to interfere with other forest visitors’ use and enjoyment of the site. Oregon State University events do not go through the same permitting process, though they are required to contact the OSU Research Forests when planning an event that is not consistent with the criteria above for review and approval.

Special use request inquiries can be directed to 541-737-6702. 

New permits are not currently being granted for events such as races that are large in scope. Smaller events are evaluated to determine if they fit with the goals of the OSU Research Forests. Permits are either granted, denied, or changes are requested. Organizations applying for permits are required to carry a general liability insurance policy.


Planning Your Trip