Roads and Engineering

Forest Engineer / Operations Manager
Finn Leary

The College Forest road system consists of 142 miles of gated single-lane gravel surfaced roads providing access to 14,500 acres of land managed by the College Forests. Road access is used for teaching, research, demonstration, commercial log hauling, administrative traffic, fire control, and non-motorized recreation. The roads are maintained, repaired, closed or vacated depending on the road management objective (RMO) for each road segment.

McDonald-Dunn Road Management Objective Maps (pdfs):

Blodgett Road Management Objective Map

Road Information and Updates

College Forest Road Systems are gated to control access. Keys may be obtained from the Peavy Arboretum Office for teaching, research, demonstration and other authorized purposes. Gate access helps to prevent illegal dumping, damage to research installations, and unnecessary road maintenance costs. Visitors may still walk on forest roads as long as the road is not closed due to timber operations or other safety hazards.

Storm events and maintenance activities have the potential to disrupt planned forest activities. It is recommended that you contact Steve Pilkerton (see contact information at top of the page) before accessing the forest.

Road Inventory

An inventory of the road system on each forest includes the location and functionality of drainage structures.

Road Closures

The following McDonald-Dunn roads have been water-barred and are accessible only by four-wheel drive (NO vans or sedans):

  • 100 System: 142, 146, 148, 150, 170, 1010, (between the 100 and the 190)
  • 500 System: 530, 531, 543, 550, 570, 582.2, 582.3, 590
  • 600 System: 611, 630, 640, 650, 660, 670, 672, 672.0, 672.3, 681

The 612.4 road was permanently closed to vehicle traffic as of August 21, 2001. A trail on the road location is available for forest users.

The 200 road is now closed to all but trail use, from the 210 road junction to the 131 road junction. The 230 road and 830 road are no longer roads.