Oberteuffer Forest


The Oberteuffer Research and Education Forest is an outstanding, nationally recognized property where people learn about forests, the connections between people and forests, and management practices that create sustainable, healthy forest ecosystems.


Management of the Oberteuffer Research and Education Forest will provide opportunities for teaching, researching, and demonstrating forestry practices that maintain, enhance, or create a productive, diverse, and healthy forest ecosystem. The primary focus will be natural resource education. The management scope will range from individual trees to stands to the landscape.

Management Philosophy

  • Sustain or enhance ecosystem diversity and health
  • Sustain or enhance forest productivity in the long term
  • Be cost effective and profitable
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Protect the inherent value of the forest from fire, vandalism, and theft
  • Demonstrate neighborliness
  • Demonstrate progressive land management practices using a full range of silvicultural systems
  • Promote good stewardship ethics
  • Maintain a sustainable flow of forest products and amenities

Demonstrations and Experiments

Oberteuffer Contact
Paul Oester - (541) 963-1010

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