Forest Update: Big Easy Harvest Beginning 7/22. Blitz 210 Harvest Now Complete

The Big Easy Harvest begins tomorrow, 7/22 on the Dunn Forest. This harvest does not involve any road or trail closures. 

Approximate Closure Duration:  2 months
Closed Roads:  None
Closed Trails:   None
Haul Routes:  Tampico Road
Detours: None
Size: 18.6 ac  
Harvest Method:  Ground based harvesting
Prescription:  Regeneration harvest with structural retention (8 trees/acre retained as individuals and in clumped patterns).
Reason for Harvest:  This timber harvest contributes to the overall sustainable harvest goal.  Revenue supports Research Forests operations and teaching and research within the College of Forestry.
Stand Age:  78
Additional Considerations:  Approximately 8 trees per acre have been designated for retention, exceeding requirements of the Oregon Forest Practices Act (FPA) by 139 trees.
Consistent w/ Forest Plan? Yes

Click here for a map of the harvest area

The Blitz 210 harvest on the Dunn Forest is now complete.