Uncle Rico Harvest Begins Oct. 3

Heads up! The Uncle Rico Harvest begins tomorrow, October 3.

Approximate Closure Duration:  1.5 months
Closed Roads: Portions of the 600 road; all of the 640, 620 and 630 road
Closed Trails: Closure of the Bombs Away Trail and closure of portions of the Ridge Trail
Haul Route: 600 Road to 600 Gate
Detours: None
Size: 23.5 acres     
Harvest Method: Tethered harvester/forwarder Cut to Length System
Prescription: Thinning to a variable spacing removing dead, diseased, dying and supressed conifer trees
Reason for Harvest: This timber harvest contributes to the overall sustainable harvest goal.  Revenue supports Research Forests operations and teaching and research within the College of Forestry.
Stand Age:  39-40
Additional Considerations: None
Consistent w/ Forest Plan? Yes
Map of closure area