Downed trees throughout Forest

The recent snow and rain brought down many trees and branches throughout the McDonald and Dunn Forests. We plan to address as much as we can as soon as possible, but it may take several days into the new year until everything is cleared. 

In the meantime, please be extra cautious and safe while using the trails and roads.

Help be our eyes and ears! If you encounter downed trees or other hazards while on the Forest, please…

  • Notify our Forest staff.
  • Explain the issue. Describe the situation and type of hazard in as much detail as possible.
  • Report the location. If possible, take a GPS coordinate of your location or use trail names and road numbers to provide a specific location.
  • Take a picture-- pictures can provide staff with important information about the situation and determine what tools will be needed to solve the issue.
  • Include your own contact information so staff can reach you if more information is needed.

 Thank you!