Summer herbicide spray starting as early as Monday, August 1st

Updated on: 07/25/2022 - 10:19

The OSU Research Forests intend to apply herbicides to select project units on the McDonald-Dunn Forest, starting as early as Monday, August 1st, 2022.  The exact dates are dependent on weather conditions and contractor availability.

We will spray all treatment units on the McDonald and Dunn Forests using backpack sprayers.  Spray targets vegetation only (not road or trail surfaces).

During application, staff will be at roads and official trails leading into spray areas to keep people away.  Please see the on-site signs for re-entry times associated with each chemical.

Signs will have the date of application, name of the chemical used, and the industrial re-entry interval posted at entry points into each treatment area. Signs will remain in place for one week.

The purpose of herbicide applications is to control the growth of non-native plant species and competing vegetation in recently harvested areas. All herbicide applications are conducted in compliance with State and Federal regulations and under a licensed pesticide applicator's supervision.
Click here for a map of the spray locations throughout the McDonald-Dunn Forests.