Recreation Planning

Recreation and Engagement Program Goals and Objectives

In 2013-2014, extensive community engagement resulted in recommendations from the visiting public regarding the desired future direction of the Recreation and Engagement Program. The Recreation Collaborative Recommendations Report represents many hours of hard work (9 sessions!) from visitors to the Research Forests in focus groups and Collaborative meetings, with help from researchers Elspeth Gustavson and Christine Olsen.

Faculty and staff from the College of Forestry and the Research Forests met and reviewed these recommendations alongside internal needs and mandates. This group developed a set of goals and objectives for the future of the Recreation and Engagement Program.  This "living" document outlines the College of Forestry’s intent in managing recreation into the future to serve as a backbone for developing specific plans associated with recreation development and management. 

Recreation and Engagement Program Goals and Objectives


"Big Picture" Trails Planning

The Forest Recreation Advisory Council (FRAC) is currently reviewing draft maps of a trail plan for the OSU Research Forests, created from focus groups of hikers, runners, equestrians and mountain bikers in the spring of 2015.  The FRAC (made up of representatives from each user group), will be getting together in mid-January to discuss trail developments in a multi-user conversation.  The next step will be a draft trails plan to be shared with participants of focus groups and then with our forest visitors.  Stay tuned for more information!

For more information about recreation planning efforts, contact:

Ryan Brown
Recreation and Engagement Program Manager
(541) 737-6702