Recreation Planning

Recreation Recommendations complete - on to the next step!

The OSU College Forests Recreation Collaborative Recommendations Report is now complete.  Comments received by the public can be viewed in Appendices J and K.  You can view the final report here.  

This report represents many hours of hard work (9 sessions!) from visitors to the College Forests in focus groups and Collaborative meetings since the spring of 2013, with help from researchers Elspeth Gustavson and Christine Olsen.

This document is currently being used to write a plan for the future of recreation on the College Forests.  This plan is being created by College of Forestry faculty and staff, and will be reviewed by the Recreation Collaborative in the winter of 2015.  A draft of this plan is anticipated to be available for public comments early in 2015.  

For more information about this project, contact:

Ryan Brown

Community Engaged Recreation Planning on College Forests: An Oregon case  study
Elspeth A. Gustavson, Christine S. Olsen (Principal Investigator), & Ryan N.K. Brown