Recreation Planning

2015 Trail Construction Plan

We have lots of great trail construction projects starting this spring near Lewisburg Saddle, Peavy Arboretum, and elsewhere on the McDonald Forest.  For information regarding current status of each project, visit our current activities page.

For information about each of the projects, please click on the links below. Please read the 2015 Trails Construction Projects Introduction and Map first to give big-picture context for each trail project.  


2015 Trails Construction Projects Introduction and Map

Vineyard Mountain Trail and Map
Lewisburg Saddle Horse Connector Trail and Map
Dave's Trail and Map
No Secret Trail and Map 

To volunteer for one of our workparties, contact Ryan Brown to be added to our e-mail list to receive announcements about opportunities.

Trails Planning

Research Forests staff recently met with representatives from hikers, runners, equestrians and mountain bikers to identify specific trail developments desired by each group.  Group participants focused on identifying trail locations that were consistent with the work of the focus groups and Recreation Collaborative.  This process has provided staff with a large amount of great information to process and integrate.  Group participants will be invited to contribute on a draft of an integrated trails plan before it goes out to the general public for further evaluation and feedback.  Stay tuned for more information by summer 2015!  

Recreation Recommendations complete - on to the next step!

The OSU Research Forests Recreation Collaborative Recommendations Report is now complete.  You can view the final report here.  

This report represents many hours of hard work (9 sessions!) from visitors to the College Forests in focus groups and Collaborative meetings since the spring of 2013, with help from researchers Elspeth Gustavson and Christine Olsen.

This document is currently being used to finalize goals and objectives for the Recreation and Engagement Program on the OSU Research Forests.  These goals and objectives are being created by College of Forestry faculty and staff, and will be reviewed by the Recreation Collaborative when they are complete before releasing to all the rest of our visitors.  These goals and objectives will be used to guide the development of future plans and projects.    

Community Engaged Recreation Planning on College Forests: An Oregon case  study
Elspeth A. Gustavson, Christine S. Olsen (Principal Investigator), & Ryan N.K. Brown

For more information about this recreation planning efforts, contact:

Ryan Brown