Welcome to OSU College Forests

Welcome to OSU College Forests

Welcome to OSU College Forests

Welcome to OSU College Forests

Welcome to OSU College Forests


Welcome to the College Forests webpage!


2015 Trail Construction Plan Released!

You are invited to join us for breaking ground on the Vineyard Mountain Trail on Saturday, March 28th from 9:00am-1:00pm.

Winter Research Forests Newsletter

Read all about new and exciting developments on the Research Forests!  Inside, you'll see profiles of our student employees, read about 2014 accomplishments, the new Forest Connection program, what to expect regarding new trail construction and harvest activities this year, some history of the "post farm," a memorial for a forest friend, upcoming volunteer activities and more!  

OSU Research Forests Fall Newsletter

Fall is a busy time of year, and a lot is happening out on the OSU Research Forests! Check out our latest newsletter to read about a new Research Forests staff member, different forest management techniques, our awesome volunteers, what's in store for Peavy Lodge, and much more!

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Forestry Events


WSE Seminar Series: Alyson Wade, MS Student

Small landowners in the state of Oregon are often unable to be competitive with larger companies to provide traditional forest products to consumers.  Additionally, many landowners hope to…

Windward Research & Education Center Presentation

Learn About Village Scale Sustainability With Windward! (RSVP on Facebook.)  Interested in sustainable farming, permaculture, energy efficient infrastructure, and environmentally conscious self-reliant living? …

WSE Seminar Series: Marcia Vasquez Sandoval, PhD Student

The production of woody biomass for energy is one of the renewable alternatives to fossil fuels. An environmental LCA evaluation of woody biomass production from Oregon poplar plantations…

Starker Lecture Series-Capstone Field Trip

This field trip will explore the changing role of Douglas-fir in culture, processing and design with visits to local managed forests, a wood products research and testing lab,…

Power Saw Safety Training Classes, College of Forestry ONLY

Power Saw safety training classes - open to the College of Forestry ONLY On FRIDAY, May 15th the Student Logging Training Program will be providing a…