Oberteuffer Biography

In 1974 Bill and Margaret Oberteuffer purchased a 160-acre homestead outside of Elgin, Oregon. Over the course of the next 20 years, Bill and Margaret actively managed their land and all of its resources with an eye on sustainability.

Their work created a forest that both generates a substantial amount of timber and allows for a diverse array of plants and wildlife to flourish. In fact, Bill was twice awarded Tree Farmer of the Year in Union County.

In 1994, as a way to fulfill their dream of a long-term demonstration forest, the Oberteuffers donated 113 acres to the College of Forestry at Oregon State University.

The Oberteuffer Research and Education Forest will provide a place for the college to conduct research and educational programs that are important to the people of northeast Oregon - and indeed, all of Oregon.

Having dedicated countless hours to managing the forest, the Oberteuffers hope that their land will continue to provide education and as a center for on-the-ground experimentation for years to come.