Eastern Oregon Woodlands Management Demonstration

A demonstration showing the complexities of managing both even and uneven age stands of trees is currently underway. The goal of the study is to provide long term information about these two management scenarios. This information will allow woodland owners and others to make informed choices.

Several plots were selected, some with just ponderosa pine, and others with a mix of ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, western larch, and grand fir. A portion of these plots were thinned from below to create a stand of trees that are approximately the same age. Other plots and gaps within the canopy were enhanced in an effort to create enough light for regeneration. We are comparing these even and uneven aged plots, and monitoring the establishment and growth of their seedlings.

More Ongoing Demonstrations in Sustainability

Spurred by the forest's rich diversity, we are planning to diversify our demonstrations of various options for managing woodland property in eastern Oregon. Some of these on going experiments in sustainability will include comparison studies of:

  • Thinning and pruning techniques
  • Alternative methods for combating forest insect and disease problems
  • Efforts to reforest brush-choked land
  • Unevenage demonstration with ponderosa pine and douglas-fir.
  • Permanent inventory plot remeasurement will provide local growth and yield data.