Alternative Trailhead Transportation



Trailheads are Busy...

Dear visitors... (For a detailed discussion, follow this link. For a quick synopsis, read on below)

We each have our own special reason for being in the Forest, all equally meaningful and welcome. Our community's enthusiasm (155,000 annual visits, with use increasing) can also sometimes cause problems with parking congestion at trailheads.

  • Folks feel frustrated when there is no parking available
  • Busy parking areas pose safety hazards to children and pets, and overflow parking can impede access for administrative and emergency vehicles
  • Heavy traffic and unauthorized  parking has a huge impact on our forest neighbors
  • In 2017, 89% of visitors drove to trailheads, resulting in nearly 2 million miles, or 795 metric tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere (see blue box)

OSU's ability to provide more parking is limited by several factors, and the Forest will never be able to provide enough parking space for all the demand we expect to see into the future. Rather, our strategy, developed with community input, is to support alternative methods of transportation by...

  • Providing information and increasing awareness
  • Having installed bike racks at Oak Creek, Lewisburg Saddle, and Peavy Arboretum
  • having installed the Oak Creek Webcam, to help you plan your trip
  • Pursuing the development of trails linking the Forest to the City of Corvallis (stay tuned)
  • Asking for your thoughts (contact us)


Will you join us in the movement to reduce congestion? Please consider...

  • Biking to trailheads from in-town access points like Chip Ross Park and Timberhill Natural Area, and using the new bike racks at Oak Creek, Lewisburg Saddle, and Peavy Arboretum
  • Carpooling when you come with a group with ODOT's new Get There rideshare app!
  • Try Park & Ride locations like Midge Cramer parking at the Benton County Fairground, Martin Luther King Jr. Park, or a friend's house.
  • Supporting others who love the forest like our forest neighbors, other visitors and their animals, and wildlife. Please drive slowly and courteously. 


Thank you!



More about Alternative Trailhead Tranportation:

Check out the Current Activities Page for parking closures
Join our ListServ for more updates and information

It’s really important to us that everyone feel welcome throughout the Forests, so please contact us if you have questions or concerns.