College Forests Monthly Newsletter

We're excited to announce the return of our recreation services, provide an update on Get Outdoors Day, and share an article about camas written by a new forest visitor. We also have a secret mission for our Forest Discovery explorers! 

What can you expect to see in the forest during the spring? What challenges impacted planting season this year? Find out in this month's newsletter...

This month, we meet the Research Forests' new Recreation and Engagement Manager and learn about ecosystem services!

This month, we share some exciting new additions to the Forest Discovery Program and provide some great tips for all of our trail users.

In this month's newsletter, we review important rules for visiting the forest safely during COVID-19 and share some tips for recreating in the dark.

In this month's newsletters, we thank our amazing CORE Volunteers, explain how you can support the recreation program, and learn about the student-led Christmas tree farm in Peavy Arobretum. 

In this month's newsletter, we talk about unauthorized trail use and review important wet weather trail tips

This month, learn what trees can tell us about the past and dive into the unique history of the Western Redcedar.

This month's newsletter takes a closer look at the Forest Discovery Program and explores alternative trailhead transportation.

Have you ever wondered about the fish of the Oak Creek Watershed? What about why the OSU Research Forests ask dog owners to pick up after their pets, but not equestrians? Find all the answers and more in the August Newsletter.