College Forests Monthly Newsletter

This month, we're proud to showcase two of our College of Forestry faculty and some of their contributions to forest-related research. First, we have Emeritus Professor in Ecophysiology, Barbara Lachenbruch, who shares valuable knowledge regarding poison oak encounters. Then there's Associate Dean of Student Success, Randy Rosenberger, with his recently published findings: how outdoor recreation reduces health care spending. Read about all of this and more in the March Newsletter!

Put on your learning caps because we've got some fun, informative articles coming to you in the February Newsletter! Read about the OSU Research Forests' newest arrivals - Douglas-fir seedlings: how they're grown, planted, and who takes the incredible job of reforestation.

Got questions about cougars? We've got answers for you in the February Newsletter!

Januar'y newsletter is packed with information to help you plan your trips to the forest. This includes the 2019 Timber Harvest Schedule, parking updates for Oak Creek and Lewisburg Saddle, and last but not least we have a new interactive webmap on its way! Stay tuned!

With 2018 coming to a close, we'd like to acknowledge all the wonderful relationships that help keep this program running. In the December newsletter read about our "Trail Use" partnership with other local organizations, all the fantastic volunteers, donors and stewards and what they contribute to the College Forests, and meet some of the student workers who joined us this year!

With this monthly newsletter we are excited to announce the publication of the 2017-18 Recreation Study Report for the OSU Research Forests! Read all about the report, important information regarding maintaining trails in wet weather, and our semi-annual dog poop pick-up workparty in this month's newsletter!

Check out what happened in September, including the addition of our newest staff member, Karen DeWofle, and the Pacific Logging Congress' 8th Live In-Woods Show; and this month is bringing us information about dog waste on trails, a new georeferenced map, and other important updates, all in the October newsletter!

Ever wonder what managers think about when designing clear-cuts on the OSU Research Forests? Or where our cool interpretive signs come from? In the September newsletter we want to share with you what drives management decisions on the Forests we all love!

Get all your Forest updates in the August newsletter: This September, the Dunn Forest is honored to host the 2018 Live In-Woods Show presented by the Pacific Logging Congress; in order to keep the Arboretum safe for visitors and to reduce future maintenance costs, several dead and dying trees were felled to prevent the possibility of them falling on their own; and on Thursday, July 12th, family and friends, students and faculty said goodbye to Thomas Maness, our Dean of the College of Forestry since 2012.