College Forests Monthly Newsletter

This month, we recognize five graduating seniors for all of their hard work with the Forests. We also gain an inside perspective of timber management through the eyes of a student intern. 

In this month's newsletter, learn how forest managers select wildlife trees and explore the unique history of camas, a common Oregon wildflower. You’ll also meet another student employee!

This month's newsletter highlights recent efforts on the part of OSU Research Forests and community members to come together, answer questions, and strengthen relationships. We cover a unique trail build which brought together equestrians and mountain bikers, and the Forests' first public harvest tour. 

 In this month's newsletter, you can learn about reforestation on the Research Forests and find out how to report trail issues and hazards to our forest staff. You'll also meet one of the recreation field students, Josh Fix!

In this month's newsletter, learn how forest managers are using new technology in the field, review Leave No Trace principles, and meet recreation field student Tiana Last! 

In this month's newsletter you'll find the 2020 Harvest Details Table and links to visit our Interactive Web Map so you can plan this years' recreation trips without surprises!

This month's newsletter takes a look back on 2019 and all that was accomplished, as well as some cool information about trail building you may not have known before! We also give thanks to all of our volunteers and partners who make it all possible, and provide you with information on how to get involved or support the Recreation and Engagement Program through donations

This month we revisit some important to-knows regarding cougar encounters.

In the October newsletter we share the inside scoop on the October 4th Extension Master Naturalist field trip to the McDonald Forest, we take a look at the effects of wet weather on trails, and update you with many more special announcements!

In this month's newsletter, we're proud to show off our CORE Volunteer Trail Crew and everything they do to keep our trails looking AMAZING! Read on for more information about our Alternative Transportation campaign and other special announcements.