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Information about forest closures is located at key access points, and closures are clearly marked on-site. Harvest areas are extremely dangerous for visitors and harvest crews, with hazards from falling trees and large equipment. Thank you for your respect of these safety closures. 

Updated 2/23/2017  Quick Draw Thin and Clear Cut Enters Phase II - Additional Closures

Starting the afternoon of 2/23/2017, the closure for Quick Draw will expand to include the areas highlighted in blue (Phase II) in the map below, including Road 680 and the "Innuendo" unauthorized trail.  The closure continues to apply on the roads and trails from phase I, marked in red.  The 700 and 760 Roads remain open at this time.  The closures remain in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and parking limitations remain in effect at the Oak Creek parking area.  Please continue to observe all closure areas for your safety and the safety of the harvest crews.    

The Quick Draw Thin is approximately 141 acres, designed to remove suppressed, poor growing, and ice damaged conifers.  An additional 7 acre clear-cut is designed to produce additional revenue to support student learning in the College of Forestry and to address an understocked stand. The harvest is expected to last 5-6 months. 

The closures for this harvest will be staggered to allow recreation access and will be in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Roads 681.2, 682, 682.4, 682.6, 682.2, and UA Trails “The Plunge” and “Funnel Cake” will be closed throughout the duration of the harvest. Parking limitations will be in place at the Oak Creek gate. Road 680 (north of Extendo Trail) and the UA Trail “Innuendo” are additionally closed during phase II of the closure.  Roads 700, 760, and all roads leading from them will be additionally closed during phase III, though the 680 Road will be re-opened at that time.  Some roads (west portion of 700 and 760) will be closed during this phase to prevent visitors from having to backtrack uphill.

This harvest will not impact any official trails, though it will impact unauthorized trails including “The Plunge,” “Innuendo” and “Funnel Cake.” Because these trails are not managed by the OSU Research Forest, and we do not condone their use, they will not be restored following the timber harvest.

Harvesting will be completed by a ground-based harvester, which removes the tree from the stump and cuts it to specified lengths. A forwarder then picks up the logs and brings them to the road for loading onto a truck. In the steeper portions of the harvest area (30% slope +), both the harvester and forwarder will use a new technology called a tethered assist cable system to minimize soil compaction and allow for operation during wetter periods. During wet months, the tethered assist will be used on all slopes.  Researchers from OSU College of Forestry are conducting a study on the tethered assist harvesting system, looking at machine traction, soil disturbance and compaction, and operation costs.


Updated 1/23/2016  Area Closures Lifted - Road Work Remains
Several closures have been lifted throughout the McDonald and Dunn Forests in recent months (Chip Ross/Charlie Meadows, Dunnit, Pine Raceway Thin, CFIRP Patch Cuts, and the 670 Clear), and members of the public are free to use these areas.  Please note that additional work remains to be completed on the roads, so please keep this in mind when traveling through these areas.  

Updated 11/10/2016  770 Thin Closure in Oak Creek Area Lifted Until Next Summer

The 770 Thin/CC closure area has been lifted, and the 770 Road is now open for public use.  With the significant rain received in October, some damage occurred to the 770 Road and one of the roads used within the harvest unit.  Out of concern for further road damage and to prevent additional resource damage within the harvest area, we have decided to delay the rest of the planned harvest until conditions are drier.  

The damaged road within the harvest area has been stabilized to prevent soil erosion during winter months.  Full repair of this road will occur following the completion of the harvest next summer when conditions are drier.  Expect to encounter muddy conditions when traveling in the area, and please be patient with us as we work to get the roads returned to pre-harvest standards.  We expect to finish the harvest and complete final road repair in summer of 2017.

Updated 10/5/2016  New Dave's Trail Temporarily Closed for Wet Weather

The new Dave's Trail is closed until further notice until it is durable enough to withstand recreation use.

The creation of this trail was made possible by funds raised through the Condor 25K Trail Run (see a map of this trail here). In appreciation, the trail was completed in time for the race, which occurred last Sunday. We did not anticipate the heavy rains in this plan, and as a result, the tread of the trail suffered damage from the race traffic.

Thank you to Corvallis Trail Runners for volunteering to lead a work party to help us repair the trail tread. Once the tread is repaired, we will allow the trail to settle in, spend some time compacting the surface with a plate compactor, and allow for a protective layer of duff to cover the trail. When we have established that this is the case, we will open the trail for use again.  We want to acknowledge and appreciate all of the volunteers who have put so many hours into creating this trail - thank you! This is only a small, temporary set-back, and one that is to be expected when venturing into the new realm of designing and using natural surface trails.

We'll let you know when the trail is ready for use again, and in the meantime, thank you for your patience! 

Road Work

Intermittent road maintenence activities occur on the OSU Research Forests.  Please yield to the trucks.  Use extreme caution when approaching operating equipment and only pass when given the OK.

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