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Information about forest closures is located at key access points, and closures are clearly marked on-site. Harvest areas are extremely dangerous for visitors and harvest crews, with hazards from falling trees and large equipment. Thank you for your respect of these safety closures!

Updated 9/17/2018  Harvest Closure Lifted on Dunn 200 Road System Near Scout Trail

Harvest operations have been completed on the "Cuttlefish" Harvest on the 200 Road System near Scout Trail.  Visitors are free to use this area.  Please keep in mind that equipment will be piling slash within the unit for the next several weeks, and that road work associated with the harvest remains to be completed.  Thank you for your patience!

Posted 9/17/2018  Paving Occurring TODAY at Lewisburg Saddle - Expect Possible Closures

Benton County Public Works will be paving a thin strip between Sulphur Springs Road and the "new" parking area at Lewisburg Saddle today.  The paving will serve as a base for the installation of knock-down bollards which will separate vehicles on the road from the parking area.  One lane of travel on Sulphur Springs Road will be closed during this time, and the "old" parking area may be closed if needed for staging equipment.  This activity is expected to last one day if all goes according to plan.  

Posted 9/12/2018  Harvest Closure on Dunn 100 Road System Starting 9/13/2018

Approximate Closure Duration:  9/13/2018-10/19/2018
Closed Roads: Sections of the 110 Road and connecting roads; parking limited at the 100 Gate
Closed Trails: None
Haul Routes: 100 and 110 Roads
Size:      67 acres           
Prescription:  Thin
Harvest Method:  Ground based machinery 
Reason for Harvest: Removal of diseased, damaged and dying trees resulting from the 2014 ice storm. Revenue generation to support Research Forests operations and student learning in the College of Forestry. 

View a map of the closure area here.  

Updated 9/5/2018  Fire Season STILL in Effect Despite Cooler Weather

As the days start to cool off, we wanted to remind folks that fire danger is still HIGH on the McDonald and Dunn Forests.  Despite cooler temperatures and a breeze, the forest remains bone dry as we await the fall rains. 

Here is a list of year-round fire prohibitions that apply to all roads, trails, parking areas and lands managed by the OSU Research Forests.  

  • No smoking or vaping (even in parking areas or parked cars)
  • No campfires or party fires
  • No fireworks
  • No use of spark producing devices such as chainsaws, mowers, weed eaters or vehicles (except administrative use)

If you see a fire while out on the forest, CALL 911 (with the location and road number)!  We rely on our wonderful visitors to serve as eyes and ears to help us identify and address problems immediately.  

We are currently at Industrial Fire Precaution Level II, which regulates how operations are conducted on forest lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry.  OSU Research Forests staff, researchers, and volunteers follow these regulations carefully to protect forest resources and neighboring properties.

Posted 8/31/2018 400 Gate Parking Closed Starting Tuesday, 9/4/2018

Beginning Tuesday, 9/4/2018 visitor parking will be closed at the 400 gate off Tampico Rd. on the Dunn Forest. This parking restriction is due to expected logging truck and lowboy traffic coming through the 400 gate in preparation for the Pacific Logging Congress' 8th Live In-Woods Show taking place September 13-15th. Anticipate additional upcoming parking closures at the 300 gate, and recreation restrictions on the 300, 340, 400, and 420 roads. Closures are expected to last through 9/21/2018 to accommodate traffic during and after the event.

To learn more about the Live In-Woods Show and how you can get involved click here.

Updated 8/29/2018 Herbicide Applications Complete Until Spring

UPDATE: The last of the summer herbicide sprays were completed the afternoon of Tues. 8/21/2018 on the McDonald and Dunn Forests.  The chemical has dried and public closures have been lifted.  Signs are being lifted and visitors are now welcome to access areas previously closed for herbicide treatment.  

Background: This herbicide application is intended to control the growth of non-native plant species and competing vegetation in reforestation areas.  This herbicide application was conducted in compliance with State and Federal regulations and under the supervision of a licensed pesticide applicator.   

If you have any questions regarding specific chemicals, please contact the National Pesticide Information Center 1-800-858-7378 npic@ace.orst.edu

View the maps of herbicide application areas here.

Posted 8/28/2018  Lewisburg Saddle Parking Update

Click here for an update on parking construction at Lewisburg Saddle.   

Posted 8/17/2018  Impacts of Pacific Logging Congress Live In-Woods Show to Public Use on the Dunn

Next month the OSU Research Forests will be hosting the PLC's 8th Live In-Woods Show.  The three-day event will take place over September 13-15th.

Anticipate busy traffic on Tampico Rd. before, during, and after the event.  Also expect to encounter large trucks transporting equipment in and out of the forest.

Visitor parking at the 300 and 400 gates will be closed 9/3/2018 through 9/21/2018 to accommodate set-up, parking, and clean-up.  Recreation on the 300, 340, 400, and 420 roads will be closed during this time as well due to the dangerous nature of harvesting demonstrations.

For more details about the PLC Live In-Woods Show, check out this newsletter article.

Updated 8/17/2018  Harvest Operations Complete on the McDonald Forest; Visitors Welcome to Use Roads and Trails  

Harvest operations have been concluded on all units within the McDonald Forest, though some closures remain in effect on the Dunn Forest.  Please keep in mind that road workstill remains to be completed at a later date. 

You'll see that some of the forest looks a little different than last time you visited, as these forest stands have received either a thinning or clearcut prescription.  For a reminder of why clearcuts are sometimes used as a management tool on the OSU Research Forests, check out this newsletter article, pages 14-16

Posted 6/7/2018  Recreation Access Prohibited on Private Property to the Northwest of McDonald Forest

We wanted to let everyone know that the property owner sharing a portion of the northwest McDonald Forest boundary has decided to prohibit recreation use on their property, due to resource impacts from unauthorized trails.  You will see signs on-site, and closures will be enforced with support from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.  The property is located north of the 760 and 720 Road systems, and is managed by Mason, Bruce and Girard.   Please contact Mason, Bruce, and Girard at 503-224-3445 with questions. 

Road Work

Intermittent road maintenence activities occur on the OSU Research Forests.  Please yield to the trucks.  Use extreme caution when approaching operating equipment and only pass when given the OK.

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